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Award & Showcases! 

EVA DIGITAL 2021 - Best Art

Nordic Game Discovery Contest Season V Grands Final - Final Finalist

SIEGE 2021 - Best Audio

Independent Game Festival(IGF) 2022 - Best Student Game Honorable Mention

Moscow Russia International Film Festival - Best Video Game

Urban Mediamakers Festival (UMF) 2021 - Best Game Winner

Amsterdam International Film Festival 2021 - Best Video Game

DreamHack Beyond July 2021 - Student Showcase

Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival 2021 - Semi-Finalist

Qld XR Festival 2021 - Best in Gaming Finalist

Chainsaw Game & Music Festival 2021 - Official Selection

Bit Bang 2021 - Official Selection

WORLD CINEMA ANTWERP BELGIUM 2021 - Official Selection

World Cinema Milan 2021 - Official Selection

Queer Global Arts Fest 2021- Official Selection

Animae Caribe International Animation & Digital Media Festival - Official Selection

Indie Game Fest 2021 - Showcase


What is this?

An exploratory narrative game about grief

Features stop-motion inspired graphic design

Two endings from your choices and actions

What am I suppose to do?

You will role-play the girl, Su, 

to deal with her life and get away from the past.

How to play?

Mouse to move the camera

WASD/Arrow key to move the character

Left mouse button to interact

Your comments!

Leave us your thoughts to help us polish this game!

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Twitter @ThereYouAreGame !!!

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   Rong Deng - Creative Director/Game Designer/Programmer/Writer

   Rui Huang - Concept Artist/3D Artist/Lighting Artist/Co-Writer

   Yu Yang - Programmer

   Adam Morina - Narrative Designer

   Randen Banuelos - Narrative Designer

   Guangdi Jiang - UI Artist

   Yuwei Lin - UI Artist

   Mengyuan Guo - Animation Artist

   Alysha Bermudez - Sound Designer

   Nia Baker - Voice Actor of Su

   Demetri Bouzos - Voice Actor of Dad

   Aubrey Issacman - Voice Actor of Radio DJ

   Lazybeam - Composer

   Diipslience - Composer/Music Producer/Music Engineer

Made in Unreal Engine

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(28 total ratings)
Made withUnreal Engine
Tags3D, Narrative, Retro, stop-motion
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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ThereYouAre_Mac_v106.zip 1,001 MB

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I am so late to the party on this, but just became aware of it earlier today. Played it immediately, and really loved the attention to detail, art direction, BW spotlight aesthetic, awesome breathing mechanic to convey emotions subsiding, and the bold choice to tell the story without bloating it with unnecessary gameplay or tasks just to artificially increase the duration. I'd love to see a behind the scenes on the texture work, art style references, incredible layered animation, and overall inspiration for the story. I'm personally very excited about what you create next. Congrats to the entire team! I loved it.

Thank ya!

Traduzindo a história para o português do Brasil.

Thank you!!!

Nos que agradecemos o lindo jogo/obra de arte!

It looks like vsync is disabled (there are no in-game settings) and fans start spinning wild on my RTX 3080 as soon as I launch the game and first (2D) screen appers (my monitor is 60 Hz). Can you please provide info on how to turn vsync/limit FPS on for this game (tried adding vsync parameter but does not seem to help) or repackage and post and update?

Found a workaround - using Nvidia Control Panel | 3D Settings | Manage 3D settings | Max Frame Rate - I set the value to 58 (auto recommended) from the default Off. After Applying the setting and launching the game, no more GPU overload issue! Nice little experience, worth going through some hassle:) Thank you for it!

Thank you for letting us know the issue and such useful information!!! We'll keep that in mind and work through it!! Thanks again!!

(1 edit)

I love the game, how beautiful and has a great story!! what a great game!! :D

Thank you!

I love how the story was conveyed and how it went along. It was a smooth but very emotional story.

Thank you! :D

this is a really beautiful game :,) i loved the voice acting too. Would you guys ever consider doing anything more with su as a character/ a backstory about her mom and how she passed? maybe something where they reminisce about her some more together (su and her dad) and we can play as her in flashbacks or see her. Just a thought I had! Really gorgeous work thank you for sharing

Thank ya! We're working on building her world :D!

What an incredibly beautiful game. Grief is hard to deal with for anyone and this is such a good showcase. Thank you for making this

Thank ya!! :D

incredible game- wow.

Thank you!! :D

Beautiful game! ♥♥♥

Thank you~:D

it wont let me put the boots in the bag. cant progress

Oh, no! Which build did you play? Is it still happen after restarting the game?


Thanks~would you please let us know which build did you play?


Man I have been playing some games that make me cry lately but this one, jeez, very good game on how to deal with grief, both endings pretty much sums up how one deals with grief, very well done guys, looking forward to more from you 

Thank you vinnie. We'll do, for sure :)

i havnt downloaded the game as i am low on storage and i am going to finish a game. then i will add an update. btw i like that you have added the 'This game is free section'. when i first started itch.io, i thought you had to pay on the donation screen and i thought that i was being scammed

:D ~

Beautiful game, 10/10 art style, and I love the theme and the tone you set for it. honestly, I do not regret taking 20 minutes out my day to play this masterpiece. Good job :)

Thank you so much! (ಥ﹏ಥ)

Look really nice! Make part 2 <3

Thank you!!!


Thank you! :D

Loved the visual style, reminded me somewhat of Coraline. I have to say though, I found the subject matter to be a bit boring. I know that it's a serious topic, but there are so many games on itch that deal with loss, trauma, and similar subjects that I've grown a bit desensitized, I guess. Still, would have been cool if the game had more content.


Yeah, the basic idea was to tell a daily-life story~Np! We're working on making it better!! Thanks for your comment!

Looks really nice! Congrats

Thank you! :D


I would love to see more games with this art style and quality of writing.


:D Working on it!


Great to hear!


I agree, it is a very unique style only seen in cartoons.

Thank you!

It would not let me record it with windows built-in Xbox recording thing :(

Did you try windows key + G? It works on my end. ><

I did do that and it said that the game doesn't allow recording but I'll try again thank you :)


This was such a pretty game! Everything looked so lovely and the textures were delightful! 😍

I really enjoyed the story and different endings - well done you guys! 😊

Thank you so much~~:D

I Love the story and the style its like hello neighbor

Thank you~~ :D~

This game is stunning. Keep up the amazing work.

Thank you ~~~

Very sweet, touching and graphicly stunning. ♥

Thank you~:D

It was great! The story, graphics, everything!

The only thing I would say is that you should have added detail to the two dark blank rooms. Also, optimization may be a problem for people with less powerful GPU's, so maybe a quality setting would be nice! I got around 120-170 FPS with my 3060Ti.

(1 edit)

Thanks for your suggestions!! Wow, what a great GPU~! Thanks for your testing data~

Hi folks, we are sorry  that the large file size and the compatibility issues might trouble your experience. As a tiny team, we cannot fix them very fast. BUT We are dealing with them! If you could leave us issues that you met would be super helpful! Thanks again for your support and understanding!

I'm sure some of us can relate themselves to the situation. I loved the art style so much. The story was heart-breaking but the art style could perfectly balance it out. I voluntarily added Japanese subtitles. It's nothing professional but I hope it helps to reach Japanese audience. The only complain I have is that I had to restart the game because the shoes completely vanished right after grabbing them, haha. Overall, I enjoyed the melancholic but beautiful little game. Two thumbs up! 

Thank you so much! The shoes might fall down to the ground●﹏●... We'll try to fix it~!

I absolutely love this game! There were some very small bugs here and there but besides that the storyline was amazing! And the voice actors delivered their lines well! But my most favorite thing about this game is the visuals! 10/10 would recommend!

(1 edit)

Also, I saw you guys changed the posts to comments which I'm thankful for I was a little confused how those worked for a bit lol!

Thanks! Yeah, we found this format is better for communicate! Sorry for the confusion~

please 32 bit

Ok~~have written on the task list~



Hi!! Just wondering if there's anyway you could export this for Mac please? if its possible? everything about this looks freaking amazing and i'd love to experience it and support you

Sure! Working on it now!

Thank you!!!!!! I'm so excited!!


Do you plan on making a longer version? This is amazing.


Yeah, we are actually planning to this~either start a new story or making it longer~


Hiii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The idea of the game is really interesting and the story it presents to the player is well carried by the gameplay mechanics.

-The gameplay mechanics are quite straight forward and easy to get into, helping the player to focus on the important aspects of the story.

-The visuals and the ammount of detail on the level design is really incredible, I really loved it, it made the game have a lot of personality.

-The characters are really well presented and they are memorable ^^

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)



Thank you so much!!!


You are welcome ^^

This really looks like a AAA game ! Love the style, reminds me of Pixar, Disney, Coraline art style ! I'm a big fan of these. I'm still downloading but I'll rate it soon ! :DDDDD Good work dev team


Thank you! We are trying to reduce the package size~

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Hey, that game looks really awesome! I like the cute graphics! It's still downloading, but i'm hyped! I am a novice indie game developer, if you can take a look at my game, i will be very grateful! It's name is "O Chão é Lava"


Thank you!! Yeah, we're trying to reduce the package size~!

(3 edits) (+1)

We changed it to comments. Hopefully, it could make you guys write stuff easily! However, it made Gumpy Milksop's post disappeared - -! Sorry for this issue. We really appreciate your kind comments!